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Free eBook: SQL Server Backup and Restore

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In this free eBook Shawn McGehee offers advice on query tuning, cutting stored procedures, and system process design and implementation for high availability. Discover how to perform backup and restore operations using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), basic T-SQL scripts and Redgate's SQL Backup tool.

2020-12-02 (first published: )

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RE: Uploading Data from Text file with different column name

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OK, data type mismatch is as it states, there must be a problem with the data or column matching.To convert char date to datetime, use CAST(chardate as datetime). However if the dates are as you posted (28.02.2004) then you will get an error, so you will have to rearrange the data first, egDECLARE @chardate varchar(10) […]


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RE: How can I commit more frequently?

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I think that using a loop (especially to iterate through a cursor) might be a good idea here, so I'd agree with mom ... BUT ... you don't want to commit every loop iteration if you're retrieving one row per iteration.  That would kill your performance (I could go into painful detail here, but it […]


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RE: Proper Shutdown of SQL Servers in a Cluster

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it's a .cmd file and I use shutdown.exe from the Resource Kit, though I'll be switching that to psshutdown because it honors the power down as well. It's manually executed by an administrator if needed. K. Brian Kelley http://www.truthsolutions.com/ Author: Start to Finish Guide to SQL Server Performance Monitoring http://www.netimpress.com/shop/product.asp?ProductID=NI-SQL1



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