Python for the SQL Server DBA

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Python is increasingly used by DBAs as a general-purpose scripting language, despite the pressure to adopt Microsoft's PowerShell. They find it easy to learn, powerful, and reasonably intuitive. Here Timothy Wiseman, a working DBA, explains the attraction of Python and gives a general introduction to the language, suitable for anyone who has been wondering whether to give it a try.


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Accessing SQL Server Databases with PHP

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This paper discusses how to use several of these features by closely examining parts of the Example Application in the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP product documentation in MSDN. This paper assumes that the reader is familiar with programming in PHP, that the reader has a computer that meets the System Requirements listed for using the driver, and that the AdventureWorks example database is installed from CodePlex.


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Accessing Data from a Mobile Application

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Data access is an important aspect of developing applications with the Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework for Windows Mobile® devices. By using the existing architecture to send and receive data between your mobile application and your application server, you can pass data with either DataSets, custom objects, or scalar values.


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