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RE: data format

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Yeah! very nice, kkeeffe...always appreciate someone using "While" loops instead of cursors. Below is your code modified to: 1) Remove @Rowcount variable and use "IF @@Rowcount = 0 Break" instead. It's cheaper. 2) Removed Delete statement and added Where clause "Where Len(Name_) <> 0". Also cheaper, as it's checking a condition instead of modifying a […]


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RE: Integration with Dot.Net, UDT's

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We do use UDT either. I think it is better to use strong Entity/Attribute data modeling software and let the foreign key migration enforce the data conformity. For non-keys we use LOGICAL ONLY UDT but translate them to standard data types in the physical model. We use ERwin. It is a little pricey but I […]


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RE: need help with COUNT

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Here's one problem with your script: and Fname LIKE '%%%' First, this selects ALL data from Fname. Second, it overuses the %. Are you trying to get everything from Fname? If so, delete that line. Are you trying to get Fname where there are only three characters? If so, change the theree %'s to three […]



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