Elementary Key Attributes

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    Comments posted to this topic are about the item Elementary Key Attributes


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    96% of answers incorrect - you'll be popular! No cheap points here.

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    I get it wrong, but I like this kind of questions.


  • paul s-306273


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    Not quite sure of the relevance of this question.

    (Or is that just sour grapes - 2correct answers, 118 incorrect answers so far!)

  • Iulian -207023


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    Nice one , thank you,


  • hodgy


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    Ah, I was researching elemenTARTY keys, probably why I got it wrong 😉

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    I said C only: Some other attribute B is fixed by a set including A but by no subset of that set - which is clearly true.

    Couldn't get the other two parts though. I guess I join the 98% of answerers that aren't database professionals.

    Thanks for the question.

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    L' Eomot Inversé (10/4/2011)

    Comments posted to this topic are about the item <A HREF="/questions/Normalisation/74786/">Elementary Key Attributes</A>

    I find it quite frightening that so few people know enough about normalisation to get this one right.


  • venoym

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    My only comment is that there is no identifier (per other QOTD's) of how many answers to answer... I got 2 out of 3 but still marked as wrong.

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    I got two out of three, which is okay with me.

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    L' Eomot Inversé (10/5/2011)

    I find it quite frightening that so few people know enough about normalisation to get this one right.

    I don't. This question is couched in abstract language. "Elementary key", "prime attribute"and "fixed" aren't part of the everyday SQL Server vernacular. Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining, since I found it an educational experience. I just think more people would have got it right if the terminology had been a bit more familiar.


  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    Updated the question to say "select 3". My apologies for missing that.

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    Good question, got it right but only after flip flopping back and forth on a couple of the choices because the verbage was so close.

    Really god tthe juices going.


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    Who can explain why the fifth option, "A on its own is a candidate key of T" is NOT true? What am I missing here?

    Rob Schripsema
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