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WebService - Enabling SQL Server 2005 Procedures

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One of the most interesting features that I'll explore is that you can now create WebServices in the database tier directly, without resorting to "add ons" or even the use of IIS at all. One of the many extensions to Transact SQL is the new CREATE ENDPOINT statement, which allows the developer to create an endpoint directly from SQL Server 2005, which hooks right into the Kernel Mode HTTP.SYS driver, exposing functions and stored procedures written either in T-SQL or native CLR methods/classes.


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Optimized ADO.NET

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This article contains guidelines compiled by examining the .NET implementations of shipping .NET applications and analyzing the common performance mistakes that we found. The guidelines discuss selecting .NET objects and methods, designing .NET applications, retrieving data, and updating data.


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Schemas in ADO.NET 2.0

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When you decide on a connection string and add a Data Connection, each Data Connection also displays a tree of information about the database objects (like tables, views, and stored procedures) visible directly through the connection. But where does this information come from? Read this article from MSDN on the new features of ADO.NET.


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SQL Server Express

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SQL Server Express 2005 is a new product that has been released (in Beta) as a followon to the MSDE product. A number of new features as well as complementary products for all of the .NET development tools are now available. Read on for a quick summary of what this new product line is all about.

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We Studied, We Passed, Was It Worth It?

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Several months ago Andy posted a 'Review of Developing Windows Based Applications for VB.Net and C#.Net' and mentioned that his company was requiring all developers to achieve the MCAD within 12 months. Read this to find out how the first exam went, how they studied, what they achieved, and their plans for taking the rest of the exams.

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