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Tuning .NET - Part One

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As server-side .NET development becomes more prevalent, Application Performance Management tools are becoming available to fine-tune .NET applications. And, as in the past, it seems that the ability to build new and more sophisticated applications always stays ahead of the ability to manage them.


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ConnectionStringBuilders in .NET 2.0

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As a DBA you might not need to build connection strings for your servers very often, but developers certainly need to build these all the time and might contact you for help. Author Raj Vasant takes a look at the new capabilities of .NET 2.0, which can really help make this easier.

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Q&A with Miguel "Mono Man" De Icaza

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Miguel De Icaza has been a major mover of Mono, the open-source framework for .NET since the get-go. These days he shepherds Mono along from within Novell Inc. At Novell's BrainShare conference, he discussed the latest doings with writer Paul Ferrill.


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Getting Started with Master Pages and Themes

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It seems that there is both excitement and confusion surrounding Master Pages and Themes. A big part of the problem is that they always seem to be mentioned in the same breath – like I just did. The reality is that they are two separate but equally important technologies. Each has its own function in ASP.NET but when you use these two technologies together, you get a site design that is amazingly versatile, easy-to-use, and easy-to-adapt. ASP.NET 2.0 provides a whole host of improvements to your web development experience but, in my opinion, these two technologies represent the single biggest reason to migrate your sites to this new platform. Let's take a look at each of these technologies in turn.


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Printing in .NET

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A bit of a break from the SQL Server side with this great new .NET class developed by new author Jereme Guenther. He prints a page character by character to handle control of formatting. Take a look and see if this solves any of your .NET printing problems.

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