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Double Metaphone Phonetic Matching

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That certainly is a mouthful, but it boils down to author Michael Coles implementation of a sound matching search for SQL Server 2005. Another mouthful, but if you are interested in getting close matches because your clients cannot spell, you might want to read this one.

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Debugging in Visual Studio.NET 2005

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Debugging is an important process for any level of programming to ensure programs function as expected. Most productive developer environments provide tools and utilities to assist with the debugging process. Visual Studio.NET 2005 is equipped with a number of debugger visualizers, but users can also create their own based on an individual project.


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Asynchronous client script callbacks

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There has been a lot of interest in the web-facing community lately about a new useability feature that goes by a number of different names—XMLHTTP, AJAX, out-of-band requests, and asynchronous client script callbacks, to name a few.

Regardless of the name, this feature provides a way for a standard web page to make calls back to the server, without a traditional page refresh. The user is oblivious to the fact that a server call has occurred, and is not interrupted by it.


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.NET 2.0 transaction model

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The Microsoft .NET 2.0 platform introduces a new namespace called System.Transactions that brings in a lightweight, simplified transaction model. This article discusses the shortcomings of current transaction models and introduces System.Transactions for .NET Framework 2.0 beta 2.

Currently there are two transaction models available in the .NET world, both of which are suited for certain situations. The first is part of the rich ADO.NET data providers. The second is the enterprise services transaction. Before we examine System.Transactions, let’s have a look at the current models.


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Introduction to C# for DBA's

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This is the first article in a series on writing stored procedures using the Common Language Runtime (CLR). This article focuses on basic C# syntax and using Visual Studio to build a stored procedure. It's targeted at DBA's and anyone else who primarily writes in Transact-SQL and hasn't had much exposure to .NET yet.


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Creating a Daily Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Label with A SQL Agent Job

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I worked in a team recently that was failing to put Visual SourceSafe (VSS) labels on projects after they were checked in we decided to look to automation for a solution. What we cam up with is to continue to require that labels be put on versions of code when major builds where created. But we decided to augment that with automated daily labels.


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Optimizing Your SQL Code with SQL Server 2005

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A common complaint of database administrators (DBAs) is that performance bottlenecks are not among those problems that one can fix "by just throwing hardware at it." Thus, database servers must provide tools and techniques to help administrators address this issue. On that aspect, SQL Server 2005 does not disappoint.


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