SQL Server MSDB Database Tutorial

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In this tutorial we will cover common questions related to the SQL Server msdb database. This is one of the standard system databases that are part of every SQL Server installation. This tutorial will give you a better idea of what the msdb database.


The Importance of Maintenance on MSDB

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MSDB is a system database used by SQL Server. MSDB stores all sorts of data, such as backup history, log shipping monitor history, SSIS packages and Service Broker queue data to name a few. Just like user databases, MSDB needs regular maintenance, including index optimizations and, more importantly, regular purging. In this article, Tim Radney looks at how neglecting your MSDB can negatively impact on your environment.


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Controlling Growth of an msdb Database

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I recently encountered a situation where the drive hosting Sharepoint Databases in a Staging environment ran out of space. I logged onto the server and found that the msdb database has itself occupied 38 GB of the total disk space. Msdb database generally contain maintenance information for the database such as backups, log shipping and so on.


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SQL Server user defined function to convert MSDB integer value to time value

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In a recent tip I outlined a process for converting a date, stored as an integer into a datetime data type. Date and time information for run history of SQL Server Agent jobs is stored within the msdb..sysjobshistory table as an integer data type, not as a datetime as one would expect. As promised, this tip picks up where we left off. On converting the integer-typed run_time into a format that is more user friendly for presentation purposes.


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