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RE: drop primary key

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Well, the problem with that is when the table is created, I do a create table(TableIdCol...primaryKey(TableIdCol))So, now you've got a good reason to care for the names of your object yourself. There are more than one way to skin that cat. You can use one of the above orsp_helpconstraint orUSE NORTHWIND SELECT  T1.TABLE_NAME  , T2.CONSTRAINT_NAME FROM […]


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Does the UPDATEXT function actually overwrite whats in the column? What would be the syntax on that? Sorry if these are ignorant questions.


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RE: Job restart on condition

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2Jeremy Kemp: The procedure I call from the job does a number of backups in a cycle: set @backup_command = 'BACKUP DATABASE ' + @db_name + ' TO DISK=''' + @full_backup_path + @db_name + '\' + @db_name + '.BAK''' + ' with INIT' exec(@backup_command) -- if backup is successfull, it updates the LastBackup field in […]



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