Rebuilding Master Database in SQL Server 2005

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  • Easy. Maybe because I rebuild master yesterday night on a dev server.

    SQL DBA.

  • Can we have some better vetting of the spelling/grammar of QotD? :crazy:

    For this particular question, the REBUILDM.EXE program was not spelt correctly in either place it was mentioned.

    It makes it rather frustrating, because you never know if it is deliberate or not (as in "Fooled you, there is no rebuild.exe utility. There is a rebuildm.exe utility.")

    Scott Duncan

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  • Agreed on the spelling issue. I pause for a moment on questions with mis-spellings to make sure there is no trick involved. The flipside though is that it makes us think a little more before answering and for some will make them research the question to make sure their answer is right.

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