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Accelerated Database Recovery in SQL Server 2019: Choose your own filegroup for the version store


An exciting new feature in SQL Server 2019 is Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR). Resulting...

Adding SQL Change Automation to Jenkins for Database CI


In a previous post, I explained how to get Jenkins running in a container...

DevOps for the DBA, Slide Deck


I have an all day seminar I give called “DevOps for the DBA”. If...

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User datareader access problem

By jay-h

I went to give a user (via AD account) datareader access to a number...

Slower performance on SQL.

By EasyBoy

We are moving from one SQL server to newer SQL with better hardware. Both...

Different Execution plan and performance issues in SQL 2017 compare to SQL 2012

By nirav.gandhi7

Hello All, We have recently migrated SQL2012 express edition to SQL 2017 express edition...

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