So You Need to Expose JSON Endpoints

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Even the most experienced programmers can be caught out unawares by software they've used for years without trouble. Dino Esposito explains why and how the JSON method in an ASP.NET MVC controller class suddenly started to cause an exception on a production server, and how he fixed the problem.


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A Function to Split JSON Data

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JSON is Javascript Object Notation and it's a format for exchanging data. New author Ric Vander Ark brings us an article that shows how to implement a function to split out the data into a table format and gives a number of examples for different data.

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New Power BI Report Design Pre-Con in 2020


I’m excited to announce that I will be offering a full-day pre-con about Power...

Resetting an Azure SQL Database Admin Password


This is likely something that most people know, but it was a bit confusing...

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