Integration Services (SSIS)

Parse Data from a Field Containing Multiple Values using CROSS APPLY

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It is possible for a field in a character-delimited text file to contain a list of further-delimited values instead of the customary single value. This article demonstrates how to load such a file into a staging table, then use a CROSS APPLY query to parse the list of values into a related table.

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2019-06-07 (first published: )

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SQL Server Integration Services SSIS 2016 Tutorial

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SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is the integration and ETL (extract – transform – load) tool in the Microsoft Data Platform stack. SSIS is typically used in data warehousing scenarios, but can also be used in common data integration use cases or just to move data around. SSIS is used behind the scenes in the Maintenance Plans of SQL Server and in the Import/Export wizard.


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