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A Unified Approach to Multi-DataBase Query Templates

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While trying to get the information he needed out of various SQL, MySQL and Oracle environments, Michael finally got tired of endlessly flicking through reference manuals and having to work so hard just to formulate his queries. So he decided to build a cross-platform Query Template solution to make his life easier, and he even went as far as building a .NET control to be integrated into applications. He's been kind enough to share the control, and the theory behind it, with us.


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RE: Database can't be reached by users

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quote: The database I'm having problems with was on one virtual server default instance (VServer1). I moved it to another virtual server with a second instance of SQL Server(VServer2/MyInstancename). Change from default instance to named instance will definitly affect your ODBC setting that has to configured to point to named instance in format machinename\instancename or […]



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