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RE: How to shrink logfiles

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I have tried regular transaction log backups (daily), but the .trn files just keep piling up in the backup directory and and are not being removed even though i specified to have them removed (files older than a day) in the maintenance plan.  Any suggestions?


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RE: Linked server security

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Sorry about that.  Here is what the error message says:The server detected the following syntax errors in the command:  Error 7314:  OLE DB provider 'server2' does not contain table 'Rbc_datawarehouse.dbo.cmsbatch'.  The table either does not exist or the current user does not have permissions on the table.  OLE DB error trace [Non-interface error:  OLE DB […]


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Dynamically Build Table Data Type

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I am attempting to write a UDF that reads from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS and then based on a given TABLE_NAME, creates a new table datatype that mimics the structure of the aforementioned table.  my first guess was to implement a scalar UDF and return a single value of type table.I declared my UDF as:CREATE FUNCTION udf_clone_table  (@TableName […]


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RE: Question of the Day for 27 Jul 2004

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I created the two tables and entered data in them exactly as stated in the question and ran statements A and B. Both returned the exact same result as below. The only difference was the heading for the third column, one said UniqueID, the other Unique_ID. FRED 1 3 FRED 2 3 FRED 3 3 […]



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