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RE: Logshipping

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****IAM page (4:62991) for object ID 2073058421 is incorrect. The table ID on page is 413960551; should be 2073058421. The entry in sysindexes may be incorrect or the IAM page may contain an error. The above error suggests that the sysindexes is corrupt - normally if any of the system tables is corrupt, it is hard to […]


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RE: Login failed for user ''''(null)''''

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Teresita,Your SQL Agent is running on a local account. you have to use a domain account for it. If your domain is SQL_Smart then use an account like that for your Agent on the publisher and grant access to that account on your SQL at the subscriber. 


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Removing a Full Text Catalog

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I am trying to shrink a 50 Gb Db and I believe the Full Text Catalog is getting in the way. But trying to delete this object has not proven easy. I have tried the following:EXEC sp_fulltext_database 'enable'EXEC sp_fulltext_catalog 'ux_t100_full_text', 'drop'But the files are already gone so this returns an errorAccess is denied or the path […]


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RE: Re: Problem w/ the cursor in sproc

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Just correcting myself here : In my previous post I assume that you are creating a bitmap so I suggested you do something like this : Declare @BitMap as int set @BitMap = 0 Select @BitMap = @BitMap | MyBit from ( Select 1 as MyBit union all Select 2 as MyBit union all Select […]



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