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RE: SQL 2000 Runtime

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Not sure what you mean by "runtime version" or "product version", but Reporting Services can be obtained from Microsoft and is 'free' to use with an existing SQL Server license. See this FAQ for more info:


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RE: Writing to a text file using t-sql

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In this case, the sp_OAxxx procs are overkill.imo, they are to be avoided if possible. There are way too many issues with sp_OAxxx procs for me to consider them as a reliable option.just my .02 though /Kenneth


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RE: Stored Proc vs Query

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I removed the parameter from the SP and executed the SP (declare local variable and assign value instead) and it ran fine. I got the results in about 7 minutes. I tested this change in one server and I am testing it in other servers now. I will let you know. Thanks. 


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RE: SQL Server Perfomance issue

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A table variable only exists during the run of the process that created it as is immediately destoryed at the end and any pages in tempdb associated with it are freed. Basically each time the procedure completes execution the object is immediately destroyed.So unless the stored procedures that create them are looping back on themselves […]


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ODBC Connection failure.

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Hi, I am not an experienced guy in SQL Server. Please help me to solve my problem. I can connect through Static connection to SQL Server without any problem. Eg, Enterprise Manager or Power Builder etc. But when I connect through Query Analyzer or ODBC I getting the following error. ODBC: Msg 0, Level 16, […]


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