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SQL Server's Auto Update Statistics Async Option

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I have been trying to tune my SQL Server and I noticed a few database settings for statistics. I also read the previous tip on automatic statistics updates. Could you please describe the Auto Create Statistics Async option? How is this configured and when should I use it and when should I avoid using it?


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RE: Ignoring INSERT errors in job steps

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See the post on this site: Jobs - embed TSQL or Call Stored Procedure?? Posted 3/15/2004 7:12:00 AM Looks like someone with the same problem but I don't think they attained a complete solution. Rather than persevering with a workaroubnd for the problem, I think you will be better off filtering out the error before […]


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RE: SQL Server 2000 and Virtual Servers

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The registy on both Servers (both nodes in the cluster) have no reference to the new Virtual Server name - which is why I can't understand why SQL Server setup won't run saying the name already exists!!! I'll have to keep poking around. Thank you!


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RE: Summarizing duplicate data

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Yes. Brian to the rescue.Its actually quite simple.  I guess I was overcomplicating it in my mind (easy for me to do)Basically the query above can be rewritten as the following...INSERT  TABLENAME1 SELECT         Field1     = A.Field1,         Field2     = A.Field2,          Field3     = A.Field3,            Field4     = A.Field4,         Field5     = SUM(A.Field5),         Field6     […]



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