The T-SQL Tuesday Corollary


T-SQL Tuesday is a fantastic series of blog posts derived from over 130 topics...

How to Import Perfmon Data into a SQL Server for Analysis


If you followed the last video, I showed you how to set up windows...

How To Set Up Perfmon for 24×7 Collection


I just released a new training video (one of many to be released in...

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SQL Query Help - display records

By SQL Server

Need help with Query. CREATE TABLE #tblTemp (IName varchar(50), ICategory varchar(20), IValues varchar(10)) insert...

Stored Procedures and Entity Framework not returning columns

By jamie_collins

I have a developer using Entity Framework and the metadata isn't returning for some...

Need to create a job for dynamic execution on another server

By SQL Guy 1

Hi all, I need to create a job to dynamically script out indexes and...

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