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Serving layers with a data lake

Data lakes typically have three layers: raw, cleaned, and presentation (also called bronze, silver, and gold if using the medallion architecture popularized by Databricks). I talk about this is...

2023-08-28 (first published: )

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Data Marketplace

I question I have been getting from customers lately is about a data marketplace. What is it, and what products can I use to build it? A data marketplace,...

2023-04-24 (first published: )

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New Microsoft Purview features

Microsoft Purview, formally called Azure Purview (see Azure Purview is generally available) has recently released a number of new cool features. I wanted to call out a few of...

2023-02-22 (first published: )

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A New Word: Ghough


ghough – n. a hollow place in your psyche that can never be filled;...

T-SQL Tuesday: Encryption and Data Protection


I have the honour of hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday. In case there’s any...

Parameterize your Databricks notebooks with widgets


Widgets provide a way to parameterize notebooks in Databricks. If you need to call...

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