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Run SQL on All servers in your inventory

There are many times you have to deploy a common code in all of your SQL Servers. I am sure there might be thousands of way to do this, but here is how I do it and it works great. Good thing is - you can either pass SQL Statement or a SQL script (in […]

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2007-03-05 (first published: )

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Check missing exec permission on Stored proc

Stored procedure usp_CheckMissingPermission_for_User checks missing exec permission for given user or group on all the stored procedures within the database. It not only detects missing exec permission, but also generates a scripts for you to fix the problem.

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2005-05-30 (first published: )

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Generates Filegroup listing on a db for each table

This script generates filegroup listing on a given database for each table within the database. This will be very handy to indentify which table is built on a particular filegroup. This is useful for a VLDB (very large database).

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2005-05-27 (first published: )

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