Tejas Shah

Management Proficiencies:
~ A determined & passionate Tech Lead having hands-on experience to drive the development of data-driven services while utilizing best practices in software development and reporting services.
~ Leading teams to success in the creation, testing, and deployment of cutting-edge enterprise level applications, distributed systems, middleware, databases, and APIs.
~ Utilize a thorough grasp of the demands of the business to develop solutions that are well regarded by the clientele.
~ Helping enterprises achieve success via technical proficiency, leading by example, and collaboration amongst varied teams.

Technical Proficiencies:
Microsoft Certified Professional in Microsoft SQL Server.
I have 18+ years of hands-on experience in working with multiple enterprises, where my role was:
1. Design and develop Data Warehouse to support aggregate data from various data sources.
2. Data modeling for the Health Care Portal. Also, worked on Reporting for the same.
3. Develop Performance improvement with the de-normalizing tables.
4. Develop Data Warehouse in SSIS.
5. Develop Reports in SSRS.
6. Maintained all the codes in Version control.

Also, having good experience in Query Optimization, Performance Tuning, T-SQL, Cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP), creating & optimizing SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • Interests: SSIS | SSRS | Power BI | Power Apps | .Net Core | C# | MVC | Angular
  • Skills: SSIS | SSRS | Power BI | Power Apps | .Net Core | C# | MVC | Angular


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