Sukanya Konatam

Sukanya Konatam is a Senior Manager - Enterprise Data Governance and Data Science with over 17 years of experience enabling companies with digital transformation and helping them become data driven organizations. A highly regarded thought leader with an exceptional background in data science, data governance, data Architecture, data modeling, data analytics, data visualization, automation, BI modernization. She has a proven track record of solving complex business problems, building & leading diverse teams and has established and governed an enterprise data governance implementation roadmap rolling out an enterprise-wide data governance framework and building the data catalogue/inventory and lineage for enterprise visibility. She has demonstrated 17+ years of expertise in leading large cross functional development teams and has implemented data centric solutions for several industries including banking & financials, telecom, health care, automobile, criminal justice and many more.

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MuleSoft Integration with Azure Key Vault

Introduction MuleSoft Anypoint is a platform that helps to aggregate and integrate data from different source systems. As part of the data integration, the MuleSoft Anypoint Environment needs source system and target system login credentials stored in the platform, making it a vulnerability. The storage is vulnerable to attacks from cyber-criminals. This vulnerability can arise […]

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Question of the Day

Writing to Clones

I run this code on SQL Server 2019:

DBCC CLONEDATABASE(imdb, imdb_dev)
I then change to the cloned database, imdb_dev, and run some queries. I then run this code while testing:
INSERT dbo.Title (TitleID, Title, DateReleased) VALUES (3234, 'Maestro', '2023')
What happens?

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