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Grant Fritchey is a SQL Server MVP with over 20 years’ experience in IT including time spent in support and development. Grant has worked with SQL Server since version 6.0 back in 1995. He has developed in VB, VB.Net, C# and Java. Grant has authored books for Apress and Simple-Talk, and joined Red Gate as a Product Advocate in January 2011. Find Grant on Twitter @GFritchey or on his blog as the Scary DBA.

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I've found myself to be very distracted this week. Concentration on the task at hand has proven to be a challenge. I'm pretty sure the cause is that I just came off of three weeks of travel, which can be exhausting. Concentration, like so many things in life, requires energy. No energy, no concentration. So, […]

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ChatGPT Lied To Me

I’ve been seeing more and more noise about how ChatGPT can help with technical stuff, writing code, all that. Well, I wanted to know how best to set up...

2023-04-21 (first published: )

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Keeping Things Running

Today and tomorrow, as I write this, the Green Country Hamfest will be running up in Claremore, OK. Tomorrow morning, I'll be there to check out the tables and maybe pick up some new radio gear. I'll also be volunteering to help run the doors. Largely it involves just checking to be sure people paid […]

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Sources of Inspiration

I honestly enjoy writing editorials. Something pops into my tiny brain next to something else, and I'm off. However, today, as I started to write on the topic of learning, I suddenly felt like I had just written this same editorial. I go and look, sure enough, several of my recent editorials have been on […]

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2023-03-12 (first published: )

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A First Look at Redgate’s Subsetter


I have been a proponent of subsetting databases in dev/test for a long time....

Azure SQL MI License free?


A common setup when leveraging the cloud is to use the cloud for Disaster...

Foreign Keys in SQL Data Generator


A customer recently asked about using FKs in SQL Data Generator, and I decided...

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If anyone used tools like Gee-Pee-Tee for writing T-SQL (MS SQL server)?


If anyone used artificial intel like Gee-Pee-Tee for writing T-SQL (MS SQL server) code...

Syntax Problem


I think that I am almost there but I am getting one red squiggle...

Excel Source [24]] Error: System.Exception: SqlTruncateException:

By yrstruly

Please assist. I am using SSIS to read data from an Excel sheet into...

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Query Execution Modes

What are the two distinct processing modes that the SQL Server Database Engine can use to process T-SQL statements?

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