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Using Azure Data Factory to Migrate Data


Quite simply the objective as follows: Move data from Azure SQL Database to Azure...

Strategies for Compliant Development Down Under


I’m doing a tour of Australia and New Zealand with our SQL in the...

Why is my pivot query not returning any data? How to debug a PIVOT query


If you have a PIVOT query and it isn’t returning the data you expect,...

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The Change Failure Rate

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

Comments posted to this topic are about the item The Change Failure Rate

Passing Variables Between Procedures - Optimisation Question

By richard.gardner87

Morning, I've inherited a system which passes a lot of variables around, and I'm...

Stored procedure executed from SSIS hangs. Works in SSMS and after drop-create

By wigglo

Hi, I have an Execute SQL task in SSIS which just fires a stored...

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