Edward Polley


Understanding Azure Geo-Redundant Storage


While at PASS Summit 2019, I gave a session on designing Azure Disaster Recovery...

Prompt in ADS


Ever since VS Code and Azure Data Studio came out, people have been asking...

When Too Much is Not a Good Thing


Explore how to avoid unwanted results that oft occur due to lack of attention...

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Restart cumulative totals to 0 at the change of subsets in a sql table.

By Jocar26

I have a dataset that I want to track the number of cars, trucks,...

Azure DB newbie trying to locate existing Azure DBs

By tarr94

Hello, I've been tasked with trying to learn more about existing Azure DBs that...

BAckup history not showing into MSDB

By pdsqsql

Hello, We had an strange issue that our sql server 2012 Sharepoint Databases backup...

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