Monitor Object Changes

Based on post I decided to write this script which will check for object changes in all databases and send an email listing the objects changed to the Operator associated with the job. This by no means offsets the need to restrict change access to objects in production, but in those cases when you […]


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Monitor File Growth - Set Based sp_MSforeachdb

This is a script, similar to some you have seen in the past, that will monitor file growth on all databases for the given server. This script is not a fancy solution that has a tons of bells and whistles but, it is efficient. The script is a concantanation of the create table / populate […]

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The 99 Flavours of SQL Server are all Vanilla


There are so many options for running SQL Server now. It can feel a...

Why do DBAs dislike loops?


If you started out as a developer you were probably taught how important loops...

Public and Demo Data Coming Soon!


Any database professional that has been around the Microsoft world for more than about...

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By vsamantha35

Hi Experts, We are seeing repeated deadlocks on one of our prod servers. Can...

Waits and Queues

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Synonyms for Tables

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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