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help to tighten use of  cmdshell  or sp_start_job

-- The goal is to avoid the use of sp_start_job in an application. So we have the application use RAISERROR to activate the job.--  1) because you can only start jobs you own--  2) we don't want to open the cmdshell to everyone--  3) we want control regarding jobs that run on our server.--  4) […]

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2007-05-31 (first published: )

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Detect invalid FK-data after using "WITH NOCHECK"

In situations where FK's have been created using the "WITH NOCHECK" option you can get into troubles because the FK-data is not checked ! (so there may be invalid data in the FK-column !)E.g. ALTER TABLE [dbo].[mytable] WITH NOCHECK add constraint [FK__USED_RESO__Actio__1162CF5F] FOREIGN KEY ( Action_Type ) REFERENCES [dbo].[Action_Types] ( Action_Type ) BOL states "... […]

2007-05-29 (first published: )

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Adventures With Service Broker

Service Broker is one of those new SQL Server 2005 features that doesn't get much press, but is extremely interesting from a software architect perspective. The much talked about service oriented architecture (SOA) can make use of Service Broker and new author Johan Bijnens brings us a look at this subsystem.


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VB.Net support from your SQLServer DBA

Once devs are pushed toward using parameters, they get confused as to why their sp is not reused and has many compilations when in use.The reason is most of the time, that the parameters are defined with a wrong datatypemapping in the application or have different datatypes in a # of applications.I use this proc […]

2006-02-16 (first published: )

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Intervention system for runaway jobs

Some of my developers had created jobs that executed VB applications that never ended. Aparently they could not figure out when, why and what was going wrong. They could not repro the situation.Now I've created this litle system so the users can assign max elaps times for their jobs. These jobs will then be intercepted […]


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Daily Coping 21 Sep 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

#PowershellBasics: Bulk insert.


In my last post I talked about invoke-sqlcmd. It’s a nice easy way to...

Lambda Architecture in data systems and possible meaning of this name


(2021-Sep-21) There is one scene in "The Core" movie that I really like when two geophysicists...

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