Robert Pearl

Installing and Upgrading to SQL Server 2005

If you have not had the chance to work with SQL Server 2005, or even if you have, Robert Pearl brings us some important information about what your upgrade or installation of the next version of SQL Server will bring. This is information every administrator needs to know to get prepared.

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2008-01-11 (first published: )

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A Bit About 64-bit

64-bit SQL Server is coming!! Are you ready for this new technology? Chances are most of you are like us in that you've never had a 64-bit machine around and you likely don't remember the transition from 16-bit to 32-bit. Do you even want to make the transition? Is it worth it? New author Robert Pearl brings us a first look at how the 64-bit version of SQL Server will differ from the 32-bit version.

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2006-12-08 (first published: )

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