Installing and Upgrading to SQL Server 2005

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  • Hi!

    I am having issues restoring a SQL Server 2000 database to a SQL Server 2005 instance. My ultimate goal is to move over to SQL Server 2005. These are the issues I have so far with the restoration process:

    - When selecting the file to restore the 'Restore database' form does not allow me to drill down past one folder level (ie. c:/myfiles vs c:/myfiles/cantgethere). Is this part of the mapped drive issue you were speaking about?

    - I am getting an error "The Database Engine service could not resolve the specified file location. Either the location does not exist, or the current login does not have access to it." Perhaps this is part of the mapped drive issue as well?

    The database that I am trying to restore is very large and I do not have enough space to copy the backup locally to perform the restoration. Do you know of a workaround?

    I also have an issue where I am unable to install the 2005 samples. When I try to install them the system feels they are already installed. Looks like I hit a number of issues you brought out in your article.

    Thanks for the good info!



  • Is there any know issue or someone having a problem of running SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 together (may be a different machine)


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    Amit Lohia

  • We installed SQL 2005 on a Win2k3 server that was previously running SQL 2000.

    The issue we encountered was that local SQL login accounts were not migrated properly ... while all other Active Directory accounts did migrate without issue.

    This was frustrating in that we also had to reassign security to objects for the missing local accounts, after intervening to get them configured in 2005.

  • Does any one knows why the SCC is running like forever and the sql server 2005 installation never finishes? There's never any fail msg seen.

    I am trying to install sql server 2005 express with advance services on an machine with AMD Athlon XP 2000+ CPU. Does that not Pentium III - compatible CPU and failed the H/W requirement in the beginning and thus stop the SCC from running the full installation?

    I had been running the installation for almost 24hrs+. I am hoping to get some insight whether this (sql server 2005) will work on my machine at all. thank you. 😉

  • In describing the supported upgrades, the article said:

    Any edition from SQL Server 2000, can be upgraded to SQL2K5. These include Enterprise, Developer, Standard, Personal, and Evaluation editions. In order of precedence, low to high, Desktop can be upgraded to Express, Standard, Developer and Enterprise Editions (XSDE); Personal to S,D,E; Standard to D and E, and Developer to Enterprise edition.

    This isn't the case though. While running a testing scenario I attempted to upgrade SQL2000 Personal to SQL2005 Developer. The attempt failed out with a message that it wasn't a supported upgrade. On checking the upgrade information article at MSDN, it confirmed that SQL2000 Personal can be upgraded only to SQL2005 Express, Workgroup, or Standard -- not Developer or Enterprise. The other editions of SQL2000 also have much narrower upgrade paths than the article indicates.

    Ref --

  • It would be valuable if there's a standalone utility of the System Configuration Checker, hence, a user would know if his/her PC would be able to install sql server 2005 express prior to its installation to avoid the possible frustration of installation failure.

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