Lowell Izaguirre

Script all indexes as CREATE INDEX statements

this script will generate CREATE index statements for all indexes in the database;there are already scripts out there that script constraints for primary keys and unique constraints, which automatically create an index behind the scenes. but what about the other indexes?uncomment two statements in order to filter out primary keys and Unique indexes so you […]

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2006-03-17 (first published: )

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Search All Fields in db for a Specific String

forums question came up where someone needed to search every varchar/char field in the database, and find any table/field that had a specific value (ie ip address, email, servername) we all agree that a monster scan like this is bad, but bad or not, sometimes you need to do it.it returns results that look something […]

2005-07-07 (first published: )

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T-SQL to Export Table Structure to a script

When you want to export a table structure to T-SQL, everyone always points you to Enterprise Manager, or a script that calls BCP.Sometimes, a developer either doesn't have access to those tools, or just doesn't want to use them (like me) out of spite.I made this T-SQL because it was educational, and noone else seems […]

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Use Jupyter Notebooks to Help People on StackOverFlow


I am sat in the PowerShell Saturday in Hamburg. You can see me on...

ACM Lecture at SELU


Had the pleasure of presenting to Dr. Ghassan Alkadi and a full house at...

T-SQL Copy & Paste Pattern – Increasing a performance problem


Disclaimer: The title is my assumption because I saw it in the past happening...

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