Grant Fritchey

Be Kind

Simply put, we are not always going to agree. Please, take this as someone who was nicknamed “The Scary DBA” for reasons comic and tragic. I’ve screwed up a...

2020-02-18 (first published: )

440 reads

Extended Events: Histogram Output

The single most important thing to remember about Extended Events is that this functionality is not simply a replacement for Profiler/Trace, but a whole new tool with new functionality....

2020-02-14 (first published: )

316 reads


Join me at SQLBits 2020


The SQLBits conference is taking place in London again this year, between March 31st...

DBA, a job, a vital job


DBA, a job, a vital job. T-SQL a language that is fun. Select, a...

SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD – What is it really telling us?


I decided to write this off the back of a conversation I was having...

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Constraint on multiple columns


Hi, I want to restrict users from adding duplicate rows. Is there a way...

Table self-join for derived columns

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