Grant Fritchey

Grant Fritchey is a SQL Server MVP with over 20 years’ experience in IT including time spent in support and development. Grant has worked with SQL Server since version 6.0 back in 1995. He has developed in VB, VB.Net, C# and Java. Grant has authored books for Apress and Simple-Talk, and joined Red Gate as a Product Evangelist in January 2011. Find Grant on Twitter @GFritchey or on his blog as the Scary DBA.

Information Security, ITs Abused Step Child

Many of us grew up with one version of Cinderella or another. The step child that's horribly mistreated by the new parent is a scary story. In the Disney version, everything works out fine. However, if you read some of the original Grimm versions of the story (and there is more than one version), not […]

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The Learning Curve for DevOps

If you’re attempting to implement automation in and around your deployments, you’re going to find there is quite a steep learning curve for DevOps and DevOps-style implementations. Since adopting...

2020-11-25 (first published: )

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2020 Advent of Code–Day 3


This series looks at the Advent of Code challenges. As one of my goals,...

Welcome to the Azure Data Community, empowered by Microsoft


After the Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS) unceremoniously closed down in January this...

Daily Coping 24 Feb 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

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