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Headlines today   March 18, 2019

Migrating SQL Server Reporting Services

Learn how to migrate SSRS by following a walk through of migrating SSRS 2014 to SSRS 2016.  Read more...
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What are Inline Indexes?

New releases of SQL Server arrive at a quick pace, and it's difficult to keep up with the many features introduced in each version. In this article, Phil Factor reviews a feature you may have missed, inline indexes. He covers the syntax and the many ways they can be used and then performs some performance tests to see if they can make a difference with table variables.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2019/03/18 | Source: SimpleTalk | Category: inline function
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Have your say on the state of SQL Server monitoring

In this blog, we review the key insights from last year’s State of SQL Server Monitoring report. One year on, how has this changed? Read the blog to find out how you can help us define the state of 2019 plus a chance to win a $250 Amazon voucher.   Read more...
By Press Release 2019/03/18 | Source: Redgate | Category: monitor
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Previous headlines

The OUTPUT Clause for INSERT and DELETE Statements

In this article, I will provide a set of examples to show case the use of OUTPUT clause for INSERT and DELETE statements.  Read more...
By Amarendra Reddy Thummeti 2019/03/15 (first published: 2017/05/25) | Source: SQLServerCentral.com | Category: t-sql
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What should you do about memory dumps?

A SQL Server monitoring tool is warning you that you’re getting memory dumps, and you’re wondering what that means.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2019/03/15 | Source: Brent Ozar Unlimited Blog | Category: memory
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Create Power BI Connection to Azure SQL Database

Learn how to use Power BI to retrieve data from an Azure SQL Database.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2019/03/15 | Source: MSSQLTips.com | Category: power bi
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Building Better Stored Procedures

In a followup, this article includes discussion of more advanced features of using stored procedures.  Read more...
By Steve Jones 2019/03/14 | Source: SQLServerCentral.com | Category: stored procedures
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Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 3

SQL Server supports partially contained databases. This gives you the option of adding database users with a password inside the database. This makes the database easier to move to another instance or participate in an Always On Availability Group. In this article, Robert Sheldon explains how to work with users in contained databases.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2019/03/14 | Source: SimpleTalk | Category: data protection
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Using Client Tools - Level 4 of the Stairway to SQL Server on Linux

In the next level of the Stairway to SQL Server on Linux learn about the client tools available to connect to your instance.  Read more...
By Danilo Dominici 2019/03/13 | Source: SQLServerCentral.com | Category: sql server on linux
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Free eBook: SQL Server Backup and Restore

In this free eBook Shawn McGehee offers advice on query tuning, cutting stored procedures, and system process design and implementation for high availability. Discover how to perform backup and restore operations using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), basic T-SQL scripts and Redgate's SQL Backup tool.  Read more...
By Press Release 2019/03/13 (first published: 2014/03/05) | Source: Redgate | Category: ebook
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From the SQLServerCentral Blogs

SSMS tip: Splitting the same query window

This is a trick I use in SQL Server Management Studio at least once a week. Today’s scripts will be screenshots...  Read more...
By Arthur Daniels 2019/03/18 | Source: SQLServerCentral Blogs | Category: blogs
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 2,243 reads

The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication

SSPI handshake failed with error code 0x8009030c, state 14 while establishing a connection with integrated security; the connection has been...  Read more...
By peter.skoglund 2019/03/18 | Source: SQLServerCentral Blogs | Category: blogs
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Question of the Day

SQL Server on Linux sqlcmd

By Steve Jones 2019/03/18 | Category: sqlcmd
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 291 reads

I have installed the SQL Server 2017 database engine and the command line tools on my Ubuntu instance. I want to connect to my instance using sqlcmd, but I can't...  Read more...
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