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Write for SQLServerCentral - Bonus for Azure


Much of the information we publish here at SQLServerCentral comes from the community. It comes from real DBAs that contribute scripts, articles, and more to share their knowledge with others.

While we have a large number of submissions, we are always looking for more, especially in a few specific areas. If you work in these areas, we'd like to publish your work, raise your brand, and help others build better software on the SQL Server platform. 

If you want more information, our writing guide is here.

Here are a few areas in which we're looking for content. We pay $50 for short articles. For longer pieces, contact the webmaster and we can negotiate a rate.


I know many people are scared of Azure, but there are lots of you doing work in Azure. If you've got production databases or applications in Azure, we'd like to know how things work. We'd like to know how you setup your SQL database, how you backup and monitor it, how you deal with things differently in the cloud. We're especially interested in the PaaS side of things.

If you have actual applications in Azure, write something for us if you can. We've bumped our rate to $100 for these pieces.

SQL Server 2016

We've gotten a few pieces the new features in SQL Server 2016, but we'd like more. We are especially interested if you have a problem that is better solved with some of the changes in SQL Server 2016. Native stored procedures, problems solved by stretch or temporal tables, or more.

Database Design

Designing entities well is a difficult task. If you've worked with an interesting design that solves a common problem (inventory, scheduling, products, etc.) we'd like some articles on the various ways you build your schema.

Testing T-SQL

Testing software is hard. The .NET developers are much more mature in terms of testing their code, and they still have lots to learn. We would like to hear how you test specific T-SQL code. What types of tests do you run and what things are you looking for? How do you set up, execute, and evaluate test results? Are you using frameworks like TSQLUnit, tSQLt, the Microsoft Unit Testing framework or something else? We'd like some specific, targeted pieces.


Choosing indexes, evaluating them, removing old ones, indexing it a popular topic. If you can write about specific tables, indexes, and the queries that use them (or don't), we'd like real world stories.


We have more ideas and suggestions in our Articles Requested forum. Please feel free to take a look and leave a note if you're interested.

PLEASE do not respond to more than one thread. Almost nobody can work on two articles at once. Pick one and write it before picking another.

As mentioned, we're looking for real world experiences. Please don't disclose production names or data, but if you can mock something up with new names that shows how you work with SQL Server, please send it in.


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