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  • Hi

    Im a user of both websites and i still find SQlservercentral.com excellent value for money (free)!!

    In terms of those people who have compained about the ads, i think you are right, that they are squarely targeted at what this website is about, and not "Download free smilies pack" etc as found on other sites,

    Finally i have never actually found the advertisements intrusive either, a credit to your design and placement, keep up the good work guys !!

    Just my 2cents



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  • Steve,

    Nice article.   Thanks for supporting your authors.

    As for this statement, "Last year we printed The Best of SQLServerCentral.com - Vol. 1 as a fun project".  I believe you meant to indicate Volume 2.  I may be wrong.  It wouldn't be the first time. 

  • I'd just like to add that SQLServerCentral is doing a great job!  It is extremely useful to be able to log a problem and get such excellent and accurate responses, especially if the problem is urgent and affects a live site.

    It is a great help for newbies like myself.  Keep up the good work!


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  • This is definitely my all-time favorite development/database web site. I have gone back and forth between DBA and developer roles in my career and there has never been a single site that really supports both sides of the work I do like SQL Server Central.

    I don't remember how long I have been a member here but there has alwasy been an atmosphere of professionalism and friendliness that has kept me coming back. I hope you guys make a mint and get to quit your day jobs and only have to work part-time on SQL Server Central. Based on the dedication you all have shown already, I doubt you'll leave us even if you do get rich.

    Many thanks from this eternal member!

    [font="Tahoma"]Bryant E. Byrd, BSSE MCDBA MCAD[/font]
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  • Thanks to everyone for their support and comments. The three of us really appreciate it.

    Last year, 2003, was Vol 1, this year, 2004 was Vol 2 and Vol 3 is in the works

  • Good Article.  I really so heavily on everything provided by SQLServerCentral.com that I wasn't aware of Oracle's displeasure at one particular Database User Group until I read your article and followed the link.

    On a regular basis upon discovering a problem I can't solve (usually some wierd error) I post it on SQLServerCentral and while waiting for a response search for possible reasons/solutions.  Often I get comments to my post that help me resolve the error or problem; many times before I can find the solution myself.  There have been times when there is no solution available that I can find (not even from Microsoft).  However, someone from this site has experienced the problem and shares their solution with me.

    Thanks for making this such a good site!  And thanks for publishing articles I have written so that others can benefit from my experiences.

    Robert W. Marda
    Billing and OSS Specialist - SQL Programmer
    MCL Systems

  • I just wanted to thank you guys for having this site

    Not only has this site saved my tookis a few times, but I get a big lift when I answer the question of the day (gee, am I that smart?).  This is the first and usually only place I go when I have an SQL problem. 

  • Hi Steve,

    SQLServerCentral.com is usually the first website I opened everyday in my office. You guys have done an amazing job to provide SQL DBAs/Developers a free "home" to communicate with each others.  To make the website more attractive, I'd suggest you need to openly solicit inputs from the huge community regularly and then publish the best suggestions for discussions.

    Best regards,


  • With presumably everything important already said, let me just add: I've been away from here for the last couple of month, but I've missed it a lot meanwhile and it's damn good to be back again here!

    Frank Kalis
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP
    Webmaster: http://www.insidesql.org/blogs
    My blog: http://www.insidesql.org/blogs/frankkalis/[/url]

  • Great article

    Obviously we'd all like to see it kept free and the ads aren't that obtrusive.

    Sometimes I answer posts cause it gives me something to do but most of all it's been great to be apart of something that I believe in.

    Keep up the good work



  • I, too, think that this site is ACES!  I've learned so much here and BOL is sometimes so hard to find stuff in it's rediculous.  I'm sure there'll be lot's more to learn in the coming days, weeks and months.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  • That was a pretty vicious Oracle-based attack on Steve. The fact that it could have been handled pleasantly and professionally by the Oracle writer, and wasn't, is telling.

    I tend to avoid Steve Wynkoop's website because of the fees. My company would pay for it (they may even have done so, I can't remember), but it's just too much hassle to worry about it; I just don't have time. I do use his mailing lists, which are tremendously useful. Does he need to change the wording on the site when he links to a free article offsite? Yes, he does. Don't use the phrase "our technologist", and label it as an "offsite article". Easy.

    John Scarborough

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