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SQLServerCentral.com Celebrates our 200,000 Member Milestone


200K and Still Growing!!!

Last fall, after 2 1/2 years of running this site, we crossed the 100,000 member mark and celebrated the event with some giveaways. It was a big event for Andy, Brian, and Steve since we'd grown this site from nothing to the largest SQL Server community on the Internet. We'd like to thank everyone for their support and participation.

We've worked hard for nearly 4 years now and less than 18 months after crossing 100,000 members, we've now crossed the 200,000 member mark!!! And once again we want to celebrate the event with a few giveaways to thank everyone in the community.

As a celebration, we have randomly selected a few people that have participated quite a bit over the last year, mostly in the forums, but also with some articles. So here are a few people and their prizes.

The Grand Prize - A Microsoft XBOX and Halo -


Valued Participation Prize - A $100 Amazon gift certificate - TnJMoseley

Valued Participation Prize - A $50 Amazon gift certificate - Markus

Author Prize - A $100 Amazon gift certificate - Leo Peysakhovich for sending us the most articles in 2004.

Valued Author Prize - A $100 Amazon gift certificate - Dale Elizabeth Corey for many valued contributions.

Please join me in congratulating and thanking them.

There are so many people that have really participated and helped to build the site. This is just our way of recognizing a few people that have answered lots of questions for people, taken the time to share their knowledge, and contributed content to the site. We look forward to doing this in less than 18 months when we cross 300k members.

This year we also sponsored Brian Kelley and James Travis at PASS 2004 in Orlando and we hope to sponsor a few others this year. We can't reward everyone, but we try to give back to the community. So participate and maybe you'll get picked in the near future.