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The SQLServerCentral Party at PASS


PASSParty at PASS!!

The 2008 PASS Summit is next week in Seattle, WA at the Washington State Convention Center. The opening reception is Tuesday night from 6-7:30pm and immediately following that event, SQLServerCentral will host our annual Summit party from 8-10. Actually we'll open the doors at 7:30 and start getting you in there to have some fun. A few details on the party:

Date: Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008

Time: 8-10pm

Location: Rooms 615-618, Washington State Convention Center


  • Free if you used the SSC6 code when you registered (use this if you haven't!)
  • $30 at the door
  • $30 sent via PayPal to sjones @ sqlservercentral dot com

Tickets will be included in your badge at registration. For those of you that have purchased tickets via Paypal already, you should have tickets in your badge as well. If you haven't gottan a confirmation from Steve, please send him an email. If you plan on coming, please let him know if you have not already.

We have West Coast Entertainment catering the fun with a variety of casino games for you to enjoy. I know many of you aren't gamblers, but it's all for fun, so give it a try, learn a new game, bet the house on one roll of the dice or turn of the cards and enjoy the chance to gamble with no chance to lose.

We are going to award prizes to the three top "money" winners at the end of the night, but we will have plenty of other prizes that we randomly give away at tables throughout the night. Steve hasn't purchased the prizes (that's in store for Monday and Tuesday in Seattle), but look for DVDs, iPods, Zunes, even perhaps an XBOX. Feel free to leave a few suggestions for him in the discussion for this article if there's something you'd like to win.

We will have some late night snacks as well as a cash bar, for those that are interested in partaking.


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