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The 2009 SQLServerCentral Opening Night Party


The 2009 PASS Summit is coming up soon and once again SQLServerCentral is hosting an opening night party that will be catered by West Coast Entertainment, bringing in a bunch of casino games. We'll have professional dealers hosting blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps on Monday night after the PASS reception.


There are two ways to get a ticket to our party. If you are attending the PASS Summit, you can use the "SSC3D" registration code when you sign up. This will get you $100 off the registration price and ensure you have a ticket to the party in your badge when you arrive.

If you are a speaker, volunteer, chapter leader, or someone else that already has a code to use, we are selling tickets for the party. For $30, you can attend and get a chance to win a prize. Our aim is to get a prize for every 3 people that sign up, so your chances of walking away with a DVD or something else are pretty good.

To get tickets, you can

  • paypal $30 to sjones@sqlservercentral.com
  • bring $30 cash to the door

Either way, be sure to get your ticket today.

The Party

We've hoste a casino party for the last 5 years and they've all been a lot of fun. We usually have 10 or so casino games set up for you to take part in. We give you a voucher for a bunch of chips, and so you get the chance to have some Vegas style fun without any risk. We don't even require you to be a good gambler to win a prize.

We give away the vast majority of our prizes on a random basis. We'll call out the next Deuce, Ace, or even one-eyed Jack dealt as the winner. So just by participating, you have a good chance to win something. We do save a few prizes for the hardcore gamblers, giving the top three money winners a chance at something interesting, but most of our 50+ prizes will be given out to random attendees.

We'll also be looking to give away a few pieces of SQLServerCentral swag to everyone that attends. In the past we've given a copy of The Best of SQLServerCentral as well as a polo shirt to everyone. I'm not sure what we'll do this year, but it will be something nice.

So be sure to register for the PASS Summit, and use our code, SSC3D.


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