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The 2009 SQLServerCentral party at the PASS Summit


Each year the PASS Summit, SQLServerCentral has hosted an opening night party to welcome in the event. We've tried a few different party formats, but settled on a casino party for the last few years. This year we have already booked West Coast Entertainment to once again provide us with a series of casino games (blackjack, poker, roulette, craps) and we're looking forward to a great event with the attendees.

Read on to find out how to get in, more details about the party, and the prizes.

How Do I Get A Ticket?

We have two ways to get into the party. The first is by using our registration code (SSC3D) when you register for PASS. We get credit for referring people to the conference, and we use that money to put on the party and give away a bunch of gifts. This code gets you $100 off the current conference price and will ensure you get a ticket.

Speakers, volunteers, and others that use a different code can still come, but you need to purchase a ticket. We are selling tickets for US$30 and you can get one by using Paypal to send Steve Jones a note and the funds at sjones@sqlservercentral.com.

We'll also have someone at the door to take money if you want to just bring cash to the event.

When Is It?

The party will be on Monday, Nov 2, 2009, the opening night of the PASS 2009 Summit. It will start immediately after the opening night reception put on by PASS.

Where Is It?

Right now we don't have a room, but it will likely be up on the 6th floor of the Washington State Convention Center, somewhere near the Opening Night reception that PASS is putting on.

The Prizes

We love to give away prizes, and this party is usually the highlight of the year for Steve Jones. Everyone likes prizes, and we try to oblige by spending all the referral funds we get on prizes for the attendees.

Last year we gave away:

  • 40+ DVDs
  • 2 iPod Nanos
  • A camcorder
  • 2 digital photo frames
  • A digital camera
  • An XBOX 360
  • 2 Nintendo DS'es
  • and more!

The more people that use our code, the more prizes we'll give away. And we don't just pick the best gamblers at our party. Most of our prizes are randomly awarded to people playing games. We give them out for a random blackjack, a one-eyed jack, maybe even the next person to lose all their chips! We do save 3 for the top "money" winners each year, but our aim is to have at least 50 other prizes. And with around 150 people attending the party, you have a good chance of walking away with something.

Each year we've published a new version of The Best of SQLServerCentral.com and given away a copy to each person at the party along with a polo shirt. We are thinking to do that again this year, but please let us know if you have other ideas.

The Exceptional DBA Awards

We'll also be presenting this year's Exceptional DBA award to the winner, who will be voted on by the SQLServerCentral communityin August. Join us in recognizing one of the top DBAs in the world during the party.


Come join us for a great time, and be sure that you use the SSC3D code when you register for PASS!


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