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Press Release - SQL Server 2000 for the Oracle DBA


The SQL Server RDBMS has seen incredible market growth over the last 3 to 5 years, mainly due to the release of v7 and then SQL Server 2000

(including its OLAP and Data Mining technology). In turn, the DBA must be agile to market expectations, levering off core concepts from other

database systems such as Oracle and DB2, and provide appropriate support and best practice in SQL Server. The

multi skilled DBA, along with the developer, system administrator and other technical professions, is a

highly sought after resource for employers and employees.

The release of my e-book, titled "SQL Server 2000 for the Oracle DBA" provides an essential resource for the professional DBA wanting to

quickly adopt such a skill set. The book covers a wide variety of subjects all of which can be seen in the sample download of the contents

page. It should be noted that whilst directed at Oracle DBA's, the book will provide the seasoned SQL Server or DB2 administrator with detailed

information for fast problem resolution and best practice.

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To purchase the book, visit www.chriskempster.com.


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