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Press Release - RedGate Announces SQL Server Compare





Press contact: Simon Galbraith (simon.galbraith@red-gate.com)

New Orleans, April

10th, 2002

Red Gate SQL Server Compare automates

comparing SQL Server servers


Gate Software announces a simple new product for Microsoft SQL Server that

compares the settings between different SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000

servers. SQL Server Compare will be released on April 10th 2002. It  was

written entirely in Microsoft  Visual

C# .NET  using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The tool will be used by

Database Administrators (DBAs ) using Microsoft SQL Server to compare DTS

packages, jobs, logins and SQL Server settings. For DBAs managing multiple

servers it will save time and improve effectiveness when they need to compare

two different servers. The only way to carry out a comparison without SQL Server

Compare is by manually looking at the two servers and writing the settings down

on a piece of paper.

Red Gate Software is the creator

of two very successful products for SQL Server: SQL Compare and SQL Data

Compare. Over 40 of Red Gate’s current customers have volunteered to use the

beta version of SQL Server Compare during the four weeks of intensive testing

prior to launch on April 10. Andy Warren a SQL Server guru from SQL Server

Central said, “I'm delighted that

Red Gate has taken the steps to automate the time consuming tasks surrounding

comparing the settings on different SQL Servers. We've had questions about this

in our discussion area at SQL Server Central so I'm sure that there will be

demand for this product.”

Neil Davidson, Technical Architect

for SQL Server Compare said “I believe this tool will prove to be as popular

and useful as our other tools for SQL Server. We’ve certainly done everything

in our power to write a simple tool that will allow DBAs to compare the settings

of SQL Server databases. We wrote it in Microsoft Visual C# .NET using Visual

Studio .NET which gave us significant productivity improvements over our

previous development environments.”

“Microsoft believes in

supporting a strong ISV, developer and partner ecosystem, and we’re pleased to

see companies such as Red Gate Software delivering tools for Microsoft SQL

Server administrators who are using SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000,” said

Tom Rizzo, group product manager for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Corp. “It

also is rewarding to learn of the productivity improvements Red Gate, as a

software developer, experienced writing SQL Server Compare in C# using Visual

Studio .NET.”

More Details:

Red Gate Software


Gate make simple tools for complex problems. To achieve that goal we strive for

simplicity in every area of our business: our products, the way we interact with

our customers, the way we structure ourselves and the way we deal with

journalists and analysts. More about our simple approach can be found at http://www.red-gate.com/about.htm



Gate was chosen as a global Gold launch partner for Visual Studio .NET and a

Visual Studio Integration Program partner. Our products have a strong Microsoft



more information please contact Simon Galbraith on +44 (0) 870 1600037 or simon.galbraith@red-gate.com

We have a section of our web site designed for press and analysts that is at


SQL Server Compare pricing and



web page that provides information about SQL Server Compare is at http://www.red-gate.com/sql_server_compare.htm.

The price will be $290 for a single user license and $850 for a 10 user license.

It will be available from 10thth April 2002. The next steps for the

product development are likely to be to include the ability to synchronize as

well as compare the server settings.


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