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, 2008-02-01 (first published: )

You keep the copyright.

We're not sure how to make it any plainer than that. The terms and conditions for this site were updated late last year to reflect the more stringent privacy policies in place in Europe, but most of our terms and conditions remain the same.

As we spell out in the terms of use page: "A User shall retain the ownership of any intellectual property rights in information or content submitted to the Site."

Why I am writing this?

I've seen a few scripts lately where people removed the information and left a note that it was because of Red Gate owning the site and claiming copyright. This is partially right: Red Gate Software does own the site, but they are not claiming copyright to articles or scripts you've submitted.

I'm not sure where this idea started or who might be behind it. I have suspicions, but I hope that everyone that sees benefits in the site and finds it valuable to them to be a member would behave in a professional manner.

When I started this site with my partners, we tried to build something open, honest, and community oriented. In other words, a site that we would be proud to be members of. While my partners have moved on, I still strive to ensure this is that kind of place.

After having a few of these messages appear I wanted to set the record straight and keep the spirit of open discussion that we've had here for nearly six years.

Steve Jones Editor


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