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  • There always seem to be confusion over this subject, for as long back as I can remember and before forums and so forth became so popular. There's also still confusion about code written at work, both by employees and contractors - I'm not aware of the differences between US and here in the UK, never been bothered particularly.

    If you post/publish code/articles etc. you're putting it into the public domain ( for others to do with as they see fit ) as to who "owns" it - well if I post code on a microsoft msdn forum does microsoft own it ?

    I'm still slightly worried about the Redgate ownership ( not for this reason ), but as to publishing code/articles - if you write something good hopefully others will want to use it, why else submit/post - the obvious concern is plagiarism and this does tend to happen, copyright or not.





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  • I have seen some non-IT forums that claim copyright to everything posted on the forum. Glad to hear that this one is not that way.


  • I didn't do it


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  • That is disappointing that some people have gotten that idea.

  • It wasn't me

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    "Speculations? I know nothing about speculations. I'm resting on certainties. I know that my Redeemer lives, and because He lives, I shall live also." - Michael Faraday

  • Steve,

    Thanks for addressing this so quickly. I would have been be very upset if the transfer to RedGate could so severely twist the MARVELOUS help-tool you've built here. Glad it's not so.

    As I continue to get highly useful insights from SQLServerCentral, I am encouraged to contribute in return.

    Thanks again,


  • I don't think it was Bert, but thanks to him for pointing this out as a potential problem.

  • Hat's off to the "remaining partner"... well done, Mr. Jones!

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  • *scratches head*

    When in doubt, check the terms and conditions... this is a good policy for any site, especially any e-commerce sites. I guess I'm not surprised that folks didn't check out things more closely for themselves, but FUD never gets us anywhere in the end.


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  • I like things clear 🙂

    But some lines above in your Terms and Conditions there's the following text:

    "Any information or content provided on the Site (for example in the form of information in forums or blogs) is protected under copyright or other intellectual property right, owned by SSC or SSC licensors."

    That's what I don't have it clear...

  • Actually any of your original published work, whether in print or online, is automatically copyrighted (at least in the U.S.)  For something to go into the public domain, you either have to specifically renounce your copyright and place it in the public domain (i.e., add something like "I place this code in the public domain.  Do whatever you want with it."), or you have to let your copyright lapse (like Piano Sonata No. 8 by Beethoven).

    If you write it at work, it's still copyrighted, but the copyright may be assigned to your employer either implicitly or explicitly.  The implicit ownership of copyright by your employer is a seriously gray area.  Of course it was designed to be that way by lawyers in order to keep other lawyers employed.

    Many times when you write articles for magazines or other publishers, you sign a contract that specifically states you are assigning them the copyright to your work in exchange for $$$ or other compensation.  SSC, on the other hand, allows you to keep your copyright on your original work.  I do believe they ask that you not re-publish newly published articles anywhere else for at least 90 days (please correct me if I'm wrong on this).

    The best thing to do is to check the terms before submitting articles, code, scripts, or even posting to the message boards, etc. to any site.


  • Mike you are correct, writers keep copyright and we ask for 90 days exclusive, but we don't come after you if you don't wait 90 days.

    The line above is a little confusing and I'll get clarification, but I believe it means information we have provided.

  • Mike is right about things in the US.  Whatever I write at work belongs to my employer.  I'm careful not to expose trade secrets or violate the privacy of my customers.

    Article are different from fourm posts.  Copyrights may trransfer to he publisher depending upon the contract for the article.  Forum post copyrights default to the OP (Original Poster).  In news groups there is no question becase usenet groups can't be owned.  Web site forums are different because the site is owned.  The responsibility falls to the site owner but not copyrights automatically.  The site owner might be forced to remove posts due to content but the site owner does not own the post.

    All this is MY understanding and I might be proved to be completly full of it.  Does not happen often.

    ATBCharles Kincaid

  • Thank you for continuing to support this great site. I appreciate it.

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