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A week in Seattle in 8 Slides at the PASS Data community Summit 2022


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Being from home for over a week, having a good travel companion is crucial. And with rising data star Peter Kruis I had the best. Not only did we walk all the surroundings of Seattle, from Pike Market to Washington University. We took the bus to visit Redmond to see Microsoft headquarters and walked back!

Thank you, Peter!

This was only possible due to the marvelous Seattle weather. It’s rare that in mid-November there is no rain and everyday sunshine to see beautiful autumn colors and the very cold, but swimmable, Lake Washington.

Thank you weather gods!

Meeting so many people in person was very special, at the opening reception, the community zone, in all sessions but also at the Redgate Social event. Everybody was so open and willing to talk.

Thank you for all the nice conversations!

Walking burns calories, so it’s good to fuel up with some real American food: Hamburgers!

Thank you hard working restaurant people!

From the keynotes to the sessions, from lunch to the community zone, it was learning every minute!

Thank you to all speakers and attendees!

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I was excited, but also a bit tensed, for the speaking part. But eventually it was good to share what I know and to speak with people who could use this knowledge.

Thank you all for attending!

Walking to downtown was a good daily exercise, but I really enjoyed living for a week in a real American house in a real American neighborhood.

Thank you, Claudette, for letting us stay!

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Thank you, all people, at the data community summit but also a great thank you to all the people in Seattle they were so kind and so nice.

I hope to see you next year!


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