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Backup Database Size calculation Report - Monthwise


Execute the entire script using SQL Server Management Studio.

Do not remove the last 2 drop statements to delete the temporary tables.

/******Backup Database Size calculation Report..*/

--Note; Calculates the size if the database files are located in D - drive.


select distinct @@servername 'servername', convert(varchar,a.backup_start_date,121) 'Date_time', a.database_name 'DB Name',

convert(decimal(7,2),round(sum(b.file_size/1024/1024),3)) as 'Database Size in(MB)',


into #t1

from  msdb..backupset  a

inner join msdb..backupfile b on a.backup_set_id = b.backup_set_id

left join backupmediafamily s


on a.media_set_id=s.media_set_id

where DATEDIFF(d, backup_start_date, GETDATE()) <= 180

--where     convert(varchar,a.backup_start_date,101) = convert(varchar,getdate(),101)

--and a.database_name in ( select name from sys.databases where database_id  not in(1,2,3,4))

            and s.physical_device_name like 'D:\%'

            and a.type = 'd'

            and b.file_type = 'd' and is_snapshot = 0

            and ISNULL(a.is_damaged, 0) = 0 -- Excludes damaged backups

            --and s.physical_device_name like 'D:\%'

            group by a.backup_set_id, a.database_name, a.backup_start_date, s.physical_device_name

            order by 1--, physical_name


--Lists outs how many databases are backed up . Available in the backupset table in MSDB.

select distinct [db name] from #t1



select   date_time, DATEPART(dd,date_time) as 'Day_of_the_month', datename(month,date_time) 'Month BKP',sum([Database Size in(MB)]) '[DB_Size]',[DB Name]

from #t1

group by date_time,[db name]

order by date_time


-- Lists out the seerver details, date_time of the backups, database details, database bkp file size(in MB), physical location of the bkps'

select * from #t1


select   date_time, datename(month,date_time) 'Month BKP', DATEPART(dd,date_time) as 'Day_of_the_month',sum([Database Size in(MB)]) 'DB_Size', [DB Name]

into #t2

from #t1

group by date_time,[db name]

order by date_time


/*** Provides details of the databases, database DB Size on a specific date, month...****/
select * from #t2




/*** Monthwise Total Backup File size .. *******/
select sum(DB_Size) 'Final SUM UP DB Size',[Month BKP]

from #t2

group by [Month BKP]



drop table #t1

drop table #t2


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