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Designing a Database with Microsoft Visio 2000

An extremely useful tool to reverse engineer a database is Visio 2000. It also has the ability to generate a database. This generation takes place after Visio has been used to draw the tables and relationships. This process can be a huge time saver. If a database needs to be tweaked and reworked it can be done in Visio and then regenerated. This article is intended to provide a nice introduction to using Visio 2000 to generate a database.

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Using the Copy Database Wizard

In a follow up article to Rahul's article on 'Copying Databases from Server to Server' Andy looks at another option, the Copy Database Wizard introduced in SQL 2000. Easy to use, but like most wizards it has a couple gotchas you need to know about. Good article for beginners and pro's alike!

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In the Trenches: Getting the Most Out of SQL Server

This e-seminar will discuss how Quest's performance diagnostic solutions for SQL Server can help you get the most out of your database. Learn, through real-world scenarios, how to increase database performance and ensure optimal availability of your SQL Server environment. This free e-seminar will teach you how to:

* Proactively diagnose and resolve bottlenecks
* Ensure high levels of performance and availability
* Maintain SLAs


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