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  • RE: The Best Database

    Here's what I think.

    For pure numbers, I think baseball needs the best database. I've heard that cricket is also similarly numbers-heavy.

    For a sport that requires tons of data around the...

  • RE: Data Security

    Please tell me that the real name of the man on the ticket stub was changed to protect his identity. His real name is not relevant to the article's point,...

  • RE: The Men in Black

    I'm not sure where the article went out of scope, although I sympathize with your concern. The NSA article discusses important points about the risks of diving into projects without...

  • RE: Buggy Software

    Part of buggy software is due to lack of enough relevant testing, no doubt. But also poor requirements management is probably the greatest cause. In turn, a big part of...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 13 Apr 2006

    Usually I don't quibble with the question formatting/delivery, but this time I agree. One problem is the numbering vs. lettering. The other problem is that there was no "D" option...

  • RE: Final Four

    I was rooting for George Mason and LSU too. They had amazing runs. I'm not a sports expert, but I disagree with some of the commentators I heard who said...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 22 Mar 2006

    The synthax error seemed to me to be an archaic form of SQL error, perhaps dating from the Middle Ages. I imagine a difference in the SQL keywords, too:



  • RE: March Madness

    I'm going with Duke -- not a stretch, of course. But I made a fairly conventional bracket even though I agree that Memphis is an appealing underdog choice. The 5-vs-12...

  • RE: Information Poll

    I go to Google first to see what's out there. Usually the results are split between:

    (1) sites that have articles, such as:


    SQL Server Worldwide User Group

  • RE: Question of the Day for 01 Mar 2006

    I am confused about why people think the SQL answer is incorrect.

    1. The SQL Server SIN() function uses radians.

    2. 1 radian = 57.2957 degrees (approx.)

    3. SELECT SIN(1) returns 0.8414709848078965.

    I used...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 07 Feb 2006

    While mentioning the version in the question would have been helpful, the question category is listed as "Category : SQL Server 2005 - TSQL" -- that's why I knew it...

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