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  • RE: Daily newsletter

    Yes, someone I work with still gets the daily news letters through our work email system, hence why I thought I'd try here.


    I also don't even get forum notifications

  • RE: Data conversion

    interesting question but can anyone let me know why the create statement wouldn't of failed? interested to see why thats all


    i think you are incorrect as from this simple example script (im using sql2005)

    declare @t table(i int, x int)

    insert into @t

    select 1, null


    select 3, 1


    select 2, 1

    select *

    from @t



    Great question, made you think about the simple functions that we take for granted, even though i have never needed to use count_big

  • RE: How many rows are returned from the query below?

    bitbucket-25253 (3/3/2010)


    Your reputation is now properly in the gutter.

    Remember that this should be a group of professionals, and trash talk is not appropriate, nor appreciated by those of us...

  • RE: How many rows are returned from the query below?

    After researching i dont think it is a stupid question, just an incomplete question. As its a cartesian join (if the CTE is relevant im not sure!?!?)

    just that...

  • RE: How many rows are returned from the query below?

    I get an error saying tblUsers doesn't exist.. Is this a Version issue or missing information? im on SQL 2005

  • RE: SSRS case sensitivity

    DOH one of the questions you pick your answer and click submit and realise you should of chosen another 😎


    Great question made me remember to re - read the question a couple of times before shouting "Errggghhhh!!!"

  • RE: Rowcount

    but without SET NOCOUNT ON/OFF or PRINT it will return (1,1)

  • RE: Rowcount

    that is the issue as i ran the queries on SQL2005 std edition

  • RE: Rowcount

    if i do as the question says i get the answer 1,1

    but if i do

    set nocounton

    select @@rowcount

    select @@rowcount

    i then get the answer given

  • RE: All-in-one

    I tinkered with version 7, but really used the product with version 2000 and upwards. In response to the article i would rather have a number of tools that...

  • RE: How I can make look like I expert on SQL Server?

    Personally while learning (but you'll never stop learning!), what i did was

    1. trawl the SQL server forums.. trying to see if i could answer the problems (never posted...

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