SSRS case sensitivity

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  • stewartc-708166 (2/22/2010)

    Good question.

    Please do not post useless thinks.

  • DOH one of the questions you pick your answer and click submit and realise you should of chosen another 😎

  • I thought the question was about Report Parameters but it’s obviously about Query Parameters.

    What is SSRS report prompt?


    --Vadim R.

  • I did not know that. Thanks for setting me straight.

    Is that OK, Carlo, or, is that useless, too? πŸ˜‰

  • nice question. Thanks

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  • Good Question

  • This is one I learned of the hard way. Who would have thought a Microsoft product would include case sensitivity but those who practice in csharp. The database is not case sensitive and vb has never been either. I appreciate questions like this. If it had come earlier, it may have saved me pain.

    Good question.


  • Carlo Romagnano (2/23/2010)

    stewartc-708166 (2/22/2010)

    Good question.

    Please do not post useless thinks.

    That statement seems self-contradictory...;-)

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