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  • RE: The Design Investment

    David Data (9/29/2010)

    Round about 1980, I set a design standard for my department, which started with


    Laugh Out Loud!

  • RE: The Design Investment

    In today's fast paced environments, it is the Business that dictates technology, unfortunately! When that happens, best practices are normally thrown out the window and cutting costs and unrealistic timelines...

  • RE: Ways to minimize sort operations

    It's always refreshing to read clear, consise articles that get your grey matter spinning, even though they might not apply to you directly.

    Nice job Brian!

  • RE: Inception

    " ... It's definitely science fiction (I hope) and not something I think is possible ..."

    You will be surprised Steve (just as I was!!)

  • RE: Answering to the Business

    The idea of "billing" businesses for the T&M is great in terms of bringing visibility to the execs and management and, hopefully, making them realize that IT is indeed an...

  • RE: The Best Laptop

    This article reminded me of a saying I read somewhere long time back:

    "Modern man lives in the illusion that he knows what he wants while he actually wants what he...

  • RE: Introduction to Common Table Expressions

    Good article. Well articulated.

    I would just like to state that perhaps the following point about CTE usage should have been mentioned as well since that is something which, if a...

  • RE: Correlated Joins Using "Apply"

    Great article Gregory!

    The one thing that really jumps out to me is the fact that you moved away from using UDFs as most of the articles out there explain...

  • RE: Add Styles to Your Reporting Services Reports

    Excellent article Adam! Looking forward to the other installments.

    On a side note though I am amazed that you actually like working with Reporting Services. Before using RS, I was developing...

  • RE: The Value of Your Time

    I think doing what you are hired for or what you are good at might only work at bigger corporates. A mid size company (150 FTEs) like mine where the...

  • RE: The Oscars

    There are some great recommendations for both adult and kid movies.

    I would like to add one to the list:


    I am not a great fan of Mickey Rourke but after...

  • RE: Celebrating A Million

    Congratulations! And an awesome way to give back to the community and humanity!!

  • RE: 3 Tips On Being A Rookie DBA

    CheeseMan316 (1/26/2009)

    But I guess we can't complain about Greg Bates' poor grammar since he did not write the content. Rather, shame on you Craig Outcalt for your horrible...

  • RE: 3 Tips On Being A Rookie DBA

    Isn't this an exact copy of the article by Craig Outcalt back in November 2008?

    Plagiarism (with a plethora of grammar and spelling mistakes)!!

  • RE: Secure Cell Phones

    I've seen iPhones survive multiple falls from 3ft+, so I have my eye on one of them.

    Believe it or not Steve, I had the iPhone and I think I hold...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)